Hello Wave Lovers!

Matungou offers a welcome home for those wishing to experience the iconic waves of the Northern Mentawai archipelago, Indonesia.

You may dream of surfing iconic waves like Kandui, Rifles or Bankvaults. You may simply wish to escape to the crowds or surf a perfect peak with just you and your friends? Either way, the Northern Mentawai Island archipelago has it, and Matungou is right in the heart of it!

With just a coconut tree or two between your bed and our white-sand beach in Matungou Bay, it is a truly tropical island experience.

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PHOTO CREDIT: Sharpy,  Carve Magazine
  • Beachside Retreat Hidden in the Palms

    We are as close to the beach as would be considered sensible! You can laze on your balcony or in one of your glass-front bungalows and soak up the spectacular view from your bed!

    Matungou Bay is home to a colourful coral reef where an array of fish species and the occasional turtle can be spotted. We are working with the local community to protect and preserve this valuable commodity. It is a real task to educate and encourage the local fishermen to leave the reef be but we are definitely making progress.

Pay as you surf

At Matungou we offer a unique opportunity to save money as you decide when you want to go surfing. Since you only pay when you surf, days spent on land can be spent relaxed in the knowledge that you’re not wasting paid-for surf time.

Fixed Day Rental includes Captain and Local Guide – £140 / day between the group

Our Priority: You feel the flexibility to surf whenever you wish!

  • Private or Shared Boats available
  • Rest up when the waves are resting and save cash

Why Choose Matungou?

Matungou was born out of a shared love of the Mentawai Islands, and more importantly The Mentawai People. We celebrate the Islands openness and generosity by reinvesting our profits back into the Islands.

There’s no doubt the surf industry has a big responsibility when it comes to supporting the local island community. As things stand, there is a negligible contribution of funds reaching the local people and the infrastructure of the Islands. It is time to set an example (it’s well overdue!) Come and stay, learn about our cause and help us pave the way for a fairer, cleaner and happier future for The Mentawai Islands surf industry.